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Things are busy in the literary world right now. Let me take a moment and share a bit of what is going on.

First off, I have this blog, a twitter- @TheKatDaughtry and  a facebook page. For some reason, it seems the love flows better for the erotic around twitter.

I am currently working day and night with my fabulous partner, Michael Hillcrest. He can also be found on twitter- @HillcrestAuthor and like me, he has a less built facebook page.

We are not only working on finishing up a short erotica but we are currently outlining a full novel. Hold on to your asses….. A steampunk erotica.

Erotica alone is a rather wild and lovely invention, but steampunk… Oh, steampunk. It draws me in like a temptress even in pure simple form. The logic, the designs, the attire, the mood of it all.  You mesh equal parts of erotica with steampunk and you get nothing less than epic hotness in my book.

I have to say, I have always loved writing. Taking a journey with a partner is nothing that I really thought about seriously. I am not even sure that the thoughts of another one on one would excite me this much. Mr. Hillcrest is something. *smile*

Many of you follow us on twitter and find us….interesting together. If you haven’t followed one of our beyond-flirty conversations, you’re missing out on the action. If you do follow our talks.. Imagine what the hell we are writing. Trust me, our tweets are tame.

Stay tuned.