This has been a most productive week. Why is this blog worthy? Well, I have honestly been one sick feeling Kitty-Kat… *sad face* Okay, I have had the pleasure of some lovely pain pills to take the edge off. I have realized why I do not like being medicated. I ramble. My poor, dear, sweet, Michael has wonderfully dealt with my endless ramblings. And trust me, I ramble enough when something is on my mind sober…add some pain medicine, it had to be hard for him to take without laughing at me or ignoring me. He is a gentleman though. So, bravo for Mr. Hillcrest and dealing with my hot, horny, needy, mess. *kiss*

We managed (more so him) to clean up our first short erotic story into a submission worthy prize. The select beta readers seemed to highly enjoy the read. I can not wait to see more responses.

We are well into our full length steampunk. Lots of steam. Creating the characters has been my favorite part. (Minus the hot rough scenes) I am in love with the main characters. I want to take them like paper dolls and make them kiss. I like the less than ideal circumstances of their meeting. Storybook romances do nothing for me. I like reality, even in my fiction. I like seeing two people that shouldn’t be together- everything in life points to it, but still- Something so strong between two people, makes them have to have each other. That’s real. Raw. Worth fighting for until the end.

Many more of our colorful characters will be coming into play soon. I am hoping maybe we can post a summary of some of them as we go. You’ll love them all. Trust me.

More to come…. ❤