Many things going on in the world of Kat lately. I will be posting a second blog soon. As some of you may know, this past week was (Finally) my first face to face with my sweet writing partner, Michael Hillcrest. Oh yes, there is a story there. Worthy of a separate blog post…. to say the least.

For now I will leave you with this: Valentine’s Day. The short story erotic anthology Of Leather & Lace will be released on ebook (paperback shortly after) and will include the rough and steamy short “Room Serviced” by Michael Hillcrest and yours truly.

What is “Room Serviced” about? It may have been written before actually happening, but the story is planned events for the first time I entered Michael’s hotel room. (Insert 20 minute pause to remember the visit to his hotel room last week. LOL.) Yep. You’re going to want this book.

   His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her into the privacy of their room. The door shut behind her as her lips rambled from his, down to his chin and neck. Kat knew he wanted her, she could feel how much so pressing through the towel against her. He moaned as she sucked his neck and earlobes. Her hands left the back of his head only to grab his shoulders and push him around against the back of the door.

Of Leather & Lace