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For all my readers, dealing with my heartbreak and reading all these posts we all know I created only to call out to my sweetness, my Hillcrest- I owe you. Love, support, friendship, kind words, calls and emails… I appreciate you all.

To break the habit of these sad aching cries for my missing partner- I give you the only gift I have… my heart in a different hue. I give you a bit more into the world of Adam and Zona and an unedited peek at the WIP- Steamfate…..

 His unconscious thoughts were pure. Unlike the others that spoke of society, possessions, betrayals, and scandals; Adam mumbled his hopes, his wishes and goals. Adam mumbled his dreams and the girl with the ring of fire in her eyes. She thought he had seen her somehow and tied him to the bed out of fear. “Who are you?” he would incoherently grumble as if he were talking to her as she sifted through his belongings.

Then she came across the painting. Her face grew flush as she gazed at her reflection painted on the canvas. Zona knew she had never made any form of contact or crossing with the man tied to the bed. She feared her identity had been shared as a criminal of the revolution. Though, the more she listened to his mumbles revolving around the fire-eyed girl, she was certain this was more than an oddity in coincidence. This was fate.

I will post some steamy portions soon but for tonight…..There it is. Steamfate is not just hot passionate sexual perfection. There is a lot of that, but Steamfate…Oh, it is the revolution. It is the spark of life. Of destiny.