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Please enjoy a taste of my next release. This is a short story in the Master’s Betrayal series coming soon from 7DS Books.

“No, take a hot shower,” she had said, “and think of what my mouth would feel like on your dick.”

She was well aware how far out of her league Michael was. She lingered on his every word, waiting for him to realize it as well. Half of her heart thought fate had blessed her by allowing him to appear. The pessimist pushed through just as hard, convinced that fate was taunting her with her missing piece. She could taste him, adore him, wish for him, but he would never be her own.

They brushed the small talk out of the way with spurts of silence until she moaned. Michael knew what the sound meant. Her fingers danced against the lace of her panties as he spoke. He described the room to her and what he would soon do to her. She whimpered his name and sighed.

“I’ll be there shortly, sweetness.”

He hung up his cell and looked down. What was it about her voice, her attitude, her everything that turned him on so much? His cock was rock hard, practically busting his zipper. He needed her now. It had taken so long for them to get this close, and now he wasn’t sure how he could make it through the ten minutes she said it would take her to arrive.

He looked to his right and spied the shower. Perfect. He wanted to be clean for her. Every inch of him clean and ready for her hands, her mouth, her everything. In one of their earliest conversations, when the talk had gotten a bit naughty, he had joked that he was going to need a cold shower.

“No, take a hot shower,” she had said, “and think of what my mouth would feel like on your dick.”

He hadn’t taken a shower since then without thinking about just that.

The only issue, a detail really, a footnote–but what made the whole thing so exciting and so tragic–was that no matter how perfect this would be, it would end, and too soon. They both had someone waiting at home, and little ones who looked up to them, thinking they were perfect. That was the one thing that might have held him back.

It wasn’t that there was anything really wrong at home. Sure, the usual irritations about running out of this, or arguments about forgetting to do that. But he wasn’t running away from anything. No, this wasn’t a salve. This wasn’t a negative seeking a respite. This was a positive seeking fulfillment. He wanted Kat–needed her–not because she wasn’t someone else, but because she was who she was.

He wasn’t sure that made a difference, but he told himself it did. He started to strip for his shower. He would have taken off his wedding band, but that had come off as soon as he’d cleared security at the airport. This trip was about him and Kat. The end.

Once the water reached too hot, he stepped in. His dick was still hard, as hard as it had ever been. She did that to him. He grabbed the hotel soap, lathered up his cock, and thought about what her mouth would feel like in seven minutes.