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I get this today! Slightly altered, two hearts in the gear and the inner ring will be full of flames.

Adam walked the path of the small room. Sketches and paintings covered the length of each wall. An artist himself, Adam grew with fascination over the young artist’s work. The sound of Shu pressing the gun back against Zona’s skin broke his attention away from the art. Zona buried her head back inside her crossed arms.

“Why do you hide him? Labor laws?”

Shu cackled. “I promise I fear no labor laws. Come here, I’ll show you why he is in the back.”

Adam walked toward Shu. She leaned closely over Zona and allowed the gun to meet Zona’s skin. She was working on the addition of a new gear. This one was not the largest of the gears, yet very decent in size compared to what looked like an endless amount of small gears interlocking across her back. He watched as her flesh absorbed the color.

“Here we go.” Shu winked. “She’s warming back up.”

He watched Shu focus intently as Zona’s spine arched. Her body was mind-blowing. Slowly, her hips circled with each precise stroke of the tattoo gun. Her fingernails dragged the sides of her arm as her purrs turned into moans. Her body moved against the chair just like she moved when she straddled the Magistrate.

Adam cleared his throat. The blood pumped through his body as he watched her rock against the chair. Shu glanced up long enough to watch him struggle with seeing his sweet Zona enjoy the pain of the gun so intently. The gear was close to completion.

“This is why Edgar is not allowed in while Zona gets ink.” she laughed.

Adam casually adjusted himself. “I understand.”

“I’m almost done. Could you help keep her still? This one is important.”

Adam walked toward the headrest of the chair. He squatted until his eyes were level with hers. He brushed her hair away from her face. She smiled through biting her lip as she locked her gaze into his. Her hands reached for his. Their fingers tangled around like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces.

“Nice tie.” he smiled as he pulled her into a kiss.

Her moans grew heavy against his tongue. Her hands squeezed tightly around his. He could still feel her rocking the lower half of her body. Adam freed a hand and wrapped his arm around her upper back. She broke her lips away from him.

“Don’t let go.” her eyes begged him for more than the moment.

“Never.” he kissed her forehead.

Her lips roamed past his chin onto his neck. She panted between moans. He watched her body squirm even under his firm hold. His breathing hardened between the sight and feel of her in the steam filled room. Her moans turned into randy chatter and cries to God.

Adam knew she wouldn’t calm down until she finished. He had no clue how Shu could possibly work with Zona grinding against the chair. His heart beat a loudness inside his ears. He stood straight and grabbed her hair until it tangled around his knuckles.

“I want you forever, Zona.” he locked her into his gaze. “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Her mouth fell open as she gasped silently. He jerked her hair back and owned her with his deep penetrating kiss. She moaned inside her mouth through her climax though his strong hold kept her body motionless. Their mouths locked together well past the silence of the tattoo gun’s hissing. Shu stood and removed her goggles and gloves.

Zona finally pulled away from the kiss as her moans evaporated into purrs and back into silence. Adam brushed his hand against her cheek. She held on to his touch while she stood and moved away from the tattoo chair. She pulled him lower until his ear rested beside her lips.

“Thank you for helping, Magistrate.” she spoke softly. “But never fucking lie to me again. Not if I don’t ask for it.”

She tossed his hand back to his side and turned to Shu. “Thank you, always, Shu. I will give my condolences to Edgar and be on my way.”

Zona stomped away until she vanished in the back of the shoppe. Shu shut off the boiler and began to clean her tools. Adam remained in the same spot, lost in her reaction to his promise. Shu edged past him as she wiped the chair clean.

“I believe you, actually.” she nudged him.


“I think you would give it all up for Zona.”

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

“She knows that.” Shu popped him with the cleaning towel. “You frighten the poor girl, Magistrate. You complicate her mission.”

“Complicate.” he nodded. “And what about fate?”

“We aren’t like you, sir.” she patted his shoulder. “We cannot afford fate. We barely afford tomorrow.”

Adam struggled to wrap his mind around her statement. He shook his head and walked toward the main door. “Condolences,” he pointed toward the back of the shoppe, “The gear was for Lucian?”

“Yes, Magistrate.” Shu sighed. “Every gear on her back is a life lost for the cause.”

“She’s covered in them.”

“I know. I gave her each one.” she cracked a nervous laugh. “I only wonder who will tattoo her when I am gone.”

Adam shot her a look of genuine concern. “So, don’t die.”

“We all die, Magistrate. The end.” she silenced the conversation as Zona reentered the room.