Here it is! Oh, I am so excited over this one! master bait title 2small

Master Bait Volume One received so much love (and fan mail!) I had to push to release this one. I do think it may be my favorite installment of the Master Bait series. As asked for, it is MUCH longer, hotter, and more detail into the romantic emotions of Kat and Michael.

It is all here- Hotness of steamy scenes- Awww moments of romance- Southern hissy fits- an obligated man- and comedy- “No crime in that” <— Read the story and LOL at that phrase.

Forbidding Fate was such a bittersweet experience to write. I hated to end it, but I had to save some for Volumes 3 & 4. I do hope you buy and enjoy! Thank you all for reading Submissive Sweetness. If you liked it, you will love FORBIDDING FATE.