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2012 has been such a bittersweet year. I had a long post written and ready, but it was too much. Unneeded. All of my followers, readers and friends know what this year has brought to me and what this year has taken away. I am thankful for every word written, for every poem, for every smile and kiss. I am thankful for butterflies and wind chimes. Hell, I am thankful for fornicating chickens and missed flights. I am even thankful for the tears and weakness. Everything has a story behind it. Everything in 2012 has formed the me I will become in 2013.

Life isn’t about book deals and deadlines. It isn’t about income or obligations. Life is being fully alive while you are living. Life is knowing there is not promise of tomorrow. Life is knowing plans fall through, people fade and memories leave impressions like a branding against the mind and the heart.

Here is to 2012 for making each of us who we are right now, in this moment, because life is in the moment, one after another. It ends in a flash on only memories of the previous moment remain.

Here is to 2013 for our time to live those moments. Live and live fully alive. Chase your dreams. Turn your wishes into realities. Alter your obligations to fit an ever-evolving you. Claim your fate. Have children and own yourself in a way where they will one day thank you for not teaching them about life, but for showing them how to live- fully alive, in happiness. Show them magic, fairy tales and dreams. Those are the memories we hold on to the most, after all.

Happy New Year.

The Kat Daughtry xoxoxoxoxo