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Hello blog viewers. A happy weekend to you all. Today, I am thrilled to post an intriguing interview with Elizabeth Lang, author of The Empire Series as a part of her Page Turner Book Tour. Be sure to read the entire interview and check out the contest listed as well!

If you could be one character from this book, which one would you choose
and why?

It wouldn’t be the main character, Adrian, even though he is my favourite.
His life is just too hard. The one I would chose to be is Charles Sester,
the psychostrategist. He makes things happen and he’s slightly crazy.

If you could have one author that has inspired your life read your book,
which author would you ask?

Tolkien. His books left a lasting impression on me and may have influenced
my tendency to write multi-cast stories with epic scopes and strong themes.

What do you do to celebrate the completion of writing one of your books?

I usually write some more. Writing is my passion.

If you placed your favorite character from this book in a room with your
favorite character from your favorite book by another author- which
characters would they be and how well would they get along?

I would place Sester in a room with any character because he’s such a
slick, mind-bending character who makes things happen and always finds the
fun, albeit skewed fun, in any situation.

What is the best reader/fan response you have had so far in your literary

The best was the one that started my professional career as a writer. Like
many, I consider myself very lucky.

I joined an online writing website and entered into one of their contests.
A writer liked one of my short comedy pieces and approached me, offering to
send it to his publisher. Sure, why not? What could it hurt? Up to that
point, a career in writing was some far distant goal. But having some, or
no feedback from a publisher might be instructive.

I was surprised when the publisher also liked the piece and asked if I had
a novel I might be interested in publishing with them. Of course, I still
had to go through the whole submissions process and I was still not very
confident about my own writing, but they loved the book and offered to
publish it. That was the best response so far apart from being a finalist
in the Next Gen Indie Awards.

Where do your story ideas come from? People watching, dreams, etc..?

My story ideas come from watching the world around me. Being a computer
person, I tend to analyse everything and have an innate need to understand
people, societies, technology.

Give us a once sentence hook for this book to suck us in:

How do you tame a man without breaking his spirit?

Okay, wow. That is one heck of a hook. I do thank you for stopping by the blog and answering a few questions. It has been a pleasure to have you in Kat-country! 

Page Turner Book Tours and Elizabeth Lang have teamed together to set up an amazing contest, be sure to enter today for your chance to win a KOBO MINI!!

Thank you for joining us and Page Turner Book Tours and Elizabeth Lang today on our stop.

About Elizabeth Lang: 1054908

I’m a science fiction writer who started off life as a computer programmer with a love for reading, especially science fiction, fantasy and mystery.

Being in computers, I found my writing skills deteriorating so I decided to take up writing. It became a joy to create characters, stories and worlds and writing soon became a passion I couldn’t put down. As a writer, I like to explore, not only the complexity of characters but the human condition from differing points of view. That is at the heart of the Empire series, of which ‘The Empire’ and ‘The Rebels’ are the first two of a four books series.

You can connect with Elizabeth Lang at the following places:

Author Page on FaceBook | Blog | Twitter | Website

About Page Turner Book Tours:

Page Turner Book Tours is fronted by the face behind Read2Review Kate. Page Turner Book Tours has been put together to help promote authors and give something back to the writing world. Kate has put together a team of incredibly talented people to help with the project by incorporating their individual skills into making new, fresh and exciting promotional plans that we hope you agree are amazing. If you would like to book a tour with Page Turner Book Tours please check out their tour packages. If you would like to become a tour host with Page Turner Book Tours please check out their Tour Host page. You wont be disappointed!

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