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As a bit of a teaser while we wait for the publication of STEAMFATE– an erotic steampunk novel, I share with you…………………

The titles of the first SEVEN chapters with a line from each. Enjoy. I hope it gets you pumped for the release.

Chapter 1 Congratulations

 “There’s another anarchist at large, Isabelle,” he shouted inside to his wife. “In our district this time.”

Chapter 2 A Fiery Ring

  His last painting session had ended with him attempting to define her lips, but eventually throwing his brushes across the studio in frustration. The only feature he had been able to capture were her eyes: blue-green, with a fiery ring of gold around the iris.

Chapter 3 You Can’t Die Here

 “How would it look if a dead terrorist appeared in my warehouse?” he snarled.

She tossed her hair behind her back. “I thought you received promotions and medals for that sort of thing,” she laughed.

Adam tensed his face as he pondered the truth behind her banter. “It would still lower the property value. A corpse never helps.”

Chapter 4 Vows

  He knew most of the criminals and steampunks were a fan of different sorts of body modification. Piercings through the skin, permanent tattoos, and some even branded themselves like animals or ancient tribes.

Chapter 5 Apple

 The fruit couldn’t be too forbidden if safe enough for her own lips. Her beautiful full lips.

Chapter 6 Inn & Out

 She turned to face him, her eyes locking into his, “Dear sir, there is always a choice.”

Chapter 7 Above the Play Room

 Zona had to tug Adam’s arm as he slowed to listen to the symphony of sin surrounding him. As a new barrister he had visited both prisons and asylums, and the walk down this hallway reminded him of those gauntlets, but rather than cries of desperation or insanity, his ears were filled with the cries of ecstasy and satisfaction.

“Here is our room.” Zona announced.

Adam turned from the gas lamp lit hallway to see a bright orange door. Number seven.



So there it is. A glimpse of the first seven chapters of STEAMFATE. I adore this book and every bit of my soul and passion that went into my part of this novel. I do hope you take a chance and jump right in when the time comes. You won’t regret it. I promise.