We are a species so quick to self sacrifice.
It seems shocking to hear that considering what we show to the world.
We are quick to judge those we do not understand.
Our tongues are sharpened with hate towards anyone we do not agree with on any given subject.
We blame others, groups, systems, leaders- anyone we can before we will accept blame for something we have done or something we have not done.
We boast to our friends, family, and coworkers with details of every single accomplishment, even if it is something materialistic or trivial.
We cover and deny anything that is not worthy of boasting.
It hurts us to bend on the brand of water, coffee, or clothing. We hold our noses in the air if we are around the wrong cut of meat or in company we consider less than ourselves.
All of these things make us out to be the most vile and offensive creatures on this planet but…
We so easily brush aside our own dreams and needs for fear of what our peers or surrounding society may think.
Those needs and dreams- we make excuses as to why we are selfish for the thoughts, much less the actions of obtaining them. We push them aside as simple daydreams until we long for free moments in the day to escape to daydreams that could just as easily be our reality if we stop caring about those things that do not matter.
We wrap our hearts in silence to mask saying what we want and need that may only make us richer in soul, not finance or image.
If we changed that one thing; If we became the dream chasers and jumped for our truest desires, one by one, those things that make us these vile creatures would vanish.
Can you imagine the world if we only had the guts to live our short lives based on the legacy of dream chasing and not the legacy of our estate?