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“Stop over thinking. That is your flaw,” he caught his breath.
“My flaw?”
“I do hit moments of silence. I am not like you. I do not throw out every thought as it tings inside my mind. I process. I plan what I want to say and word it into what needs to be said.”
“I can handle any thought. I cannot handle your silence. Silence is doubt and regret. I refuse to be either.”
“Silence is not bad. Sometimes silence is comfortable. I enjoy it.”
“Adam if we were on a sofa cuddling, if we were in a bed reading, if we were in a hot tub together, silence would be heavenly,” she rubbed her hands down his chest, “While I am trying to see if you love me….if you love me enough….if you want me…want me enough, silence hurts. I need words. Real words. Thoughts. Fears. Hopes. Fantasies. Words.”
“I love you. I want you. I will spend forever with you. This is my promise. How are those words?”
“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.”
“I said it. I mean it. Consider it a verbal contract. Take me to court should I not keep my word,” he smiled.
“And where would I find a good lawyer in this town?”
Adam leaned his towering body down to kiss her. She lifted to her toes to meet his lips. His tongue twisted the core of her own tongue. She moaned. His kisses were the best.
Gunfire startled their moment. The moonlight revealed a handful of soldiers on the rooftops following them. She led through the dim night. Hand in hand they began claiming their fate together.
She was uncertain of their surroundings. This was not a district she was familiar with. She darted and weaved and second guessed every move she made. Adam squeezed her hand. She always found comfort in that. She found comfort in him simply existing.
“Woah!” she yelled.
Adam grabbed her and pulled her back a step from the rolling rooftop. He peered over. They had reached the final building. They were on the waterfront. Only a narrow railed walkway of cobblestone separated the building from the depths of the water. He rubbed her head knowing the water was her weakness. She looked faint.
“I will go first and show you. It is plenty of space to jump, darling. Plenty,” he kissed her forehead.
She resisted as he let go of her hand. Adam jumped with ease onto the walkway. She looked down at him. His hands motioned for her, fully open. He waited to catch her. She trusted him. She didn’t trust the what ifs that could interfere. What if she knocked them both into the water? What if she knocked him in the water and was too afraid to get him?
“Darling, we jumped together, “he smiled, “I will catch you. I promise. I promise.”
Adam found her simple fears adorable. Seeing tragedy behind them made him love her more. She had hurt so much in her life. She deserved safety. His sweet muse deserved a fairy tale.
She deserved a man she could trust, without limits, without walls. She looked down at him again, with the timid eyes of a child. He nodded to secure her faith in him and smiled. Over and over, she took deep long breaths and focused only on his eyes and those perfect lines in his face when he smiled at her. He didn’t get them when he smiled in general. Those deep lines only etched into his face when his smile was for her. She closed her eyes, continued breathing and started to count inside her mind.
One. Two. Three. Four.
The door of the building swung open before Adam. It was Isabella and a man he did not know. They equally looked shocked to see one another.
“Come here, now,” she whispered a growl.
Out of habit, he listened. He scurried up the steps and inside the building. Isabella grabbed his arm and led him down a vacant hall.
“What are you doing here?” she snarled, “Are you following me now?”
“Isabella, no,” he panicked, “I have to go.”
“You aren’t going anywhere until you tell me what you are doing here.”
“We are over. I am in love with someone else. My mind is made up. I have to go.”
“I will be damned if you are going to do this to me. After all the years by your side I have supported you!”
Five. Six. Seven.