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You can’t judge a book by the cover. I never understood this as a child, reading my favorite books, loving the covers and getting excited as I passed my favorite ones in the library like family photos on display.

The memories.

I was usually right. The ones I loved the covers of, I loved the words. The ones I gave a go just because, I passed along the displays of the libraries as if I were looking at the photo of an aunt or uncle that seldom came around- and I appreciated the seldom seen person for being seldom seen.


A good amount of people followed Steamfate from the start. For those that did, not only do I thank them, but I appreciate them. So much of me has never existed in the world as I do inside this book.

The entire book was fully plotted- scene by scene- and as most people know that likely read this blog- it was not a solo effort.

In the blink of an eye, life’s plot changed. When I was able to come back to a half-written book, it was obvious that the plot changed for it, as well. Not that I wanted it to, but it simply could not be as is.

Looking back, it was a good thing for the book. It had a rushed ending, not thought through as well as it should have been. It left gaps and wondering. It was beautifully guided on impulse and passion, but the love of a book has to be just right. It takes time and when you get it just right, you know it, because that plot twist, that surprise, and that ending- when it comes together in the right time, you get to savor it forever.

No spoilers but….

The way this book ends, it was right. If you read it, you’ll know. I’ve had beautiful readers tell me they have even had to read it again soon after the first time. That makes me happy. It really is a beautifully real story.

So the cover had to match. It did. Judge it. Although the cover, it haunted me. It has since release. Not that I am unhappy with it. I love it. Never doubt that. But the beauty in tragedy. Twisted Core Press allowed my artistic wishes and the cover is but a sketching. A stunning sketching of the original design idea for the cover. I was left with it, and I loved it and not a single other cover would do. Readers agree, the cover is perfect…after you read the book.

But what about that judging a book by the cover?

That’s right. I know. And as much as this cover is loved and embraced when the story has been read, the story must be read.

Life and Books

Both have this way of plot twists and of change. Sometimes, you think the end cannot possibly be, but it is. Sometimes you fall to the ground in defeat and turn the page to see another chapter.

Always. Another Chapter.

And with that, never judge a book by its cover….but never wear your heart on your jacket sleeve.

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