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Disney is finally ruining pure christian family entertainment with the entrance of a child with two moms. At least, that is the claim by highly conservative website, Now the End Begins. “Now that Walt Disney Corporation has spent the last few generations getting you hooked on their “wholesome, family entertainment”, they are now using that relationship to teach your precious children that the LGBT way of life is just a preference. The bible says that it is an abomination before God. What do you say?”



Feel free to read the complete bashing blog by clicking a link directly to them above. And by all means, take the time to read some of the comments–

“If you look into the history of Walt Disney himself, you will see that he is a twisted sinister perverted freak.

His legacy lives on.”

Some ramble on about Obama because, you know, as much as I really could name one hundred other people I’d rather see as president, eventually, won’t people get tired of finding a way to whine about him no matter what the story topic is? But my favorite commenter posted this:

“Once upon a time we could count on Disney for wonderful entertainment. Looks like that’s a thing of the past.”

Yes, commenter… This just happened.. Thanks to that horrid gay agenda. The pureness of family entertainment has just NOW been tarnished. First off, let me refresh your memories of what happens when Disney stars grow.











First, I will say some of these Disney stars do not openly go wild until they are adults. Some just become sexy adults. But parents choose to allow kids to follow the fame of their favorite Disney stars as they grow, and act shocked when child stars go wild. Because, we know, that hardly ever happens. I will spare the list of photos dating back into television history of this, but the point is. Save your gasps.

Next, let us address Disney shows… Let’s even get a bit old school here-

Wasn’t Kids Incorporated a show where a group of kids meshed together to always fix the problem of the week, then dressed as hot rocker kids singing in a night club sort of setting? Yeah.



Then we have a bit in the future- That’s So Raven. Basically a sweet child, sassy, talented, and she had this secret.. Oh yeah, she was kind of psychic. But she couldn’t let many people know her secret because it would cause her to be judged. So she kept it in the closet to make everyone else comfortable with what they consider normal, right? Rock on teaching kids morals.. But wait, that is what mainstream anti-gay rights proper Christian values mean, right? Come on, it is not like she is gay… just psychic… Oh. What? Wait.

thats-so-raven-memeLet’s take a moment and sum up some other shows:

Hannah Montana: We get it, she has a hard time being raised without a mom. A teenage girl supporting her father and brother living double lives that keep her on a constant schedule, stopping normal teenage events, losing friends due to the secrets keeping her rich and famous and living in a bit of a beach mansion. Then throw in the lies, the tantrums, and how she always goes against the rules and when she gets busted, it is either daddy’s fault or she pulls the “no mom” card. Hug and cue credits. No. Morals? No.

Zack & Cody- Two twin boys.. little trouble makers, always snooping, never listening, a straight single mom that dates various men and woos a dorky hotel worker to do what she wants or the kids want with flirting and sexuality. No wonder the boys are running around chasing everything in a skirt.

Jessie: A young girl with dreams of making it big in the music business become the nanny for two super rich people- a straight couple- that has adopted a bunch of sassy multi-cultural kids they are hardly around to see, much less parent. They scheme, plot, sneak, make life hell for any bit characters that may live in the same area or be in anyway involved with these kids. She takes care of a bunch of kids in skirts too short to bend in and high heels, chases her dreams, dates, and saves the day from whatever happens while she is not watching the kids. Wow.

And then the show this is all about… Good Luck Charlie: We have the main older sister, recording a journal for her little sister, Charlie. She is smart, pretty, and her only competition in life, is her mother. She bows down in almost every episode to give her mom the spotlight. It is sick. It is the worst parenting ever. Then we have the dad, the man that always seems to be bothered by the fact that he has a family and protects his wife from others, but always complains about her, lies to her, ignores her. Then, the two sons… The oldest, an idiot and treated as such- the younger, a scam artist, trouble maker, and general annoying side character. OH, and now the couple has ANOTHER baby. Wow, married, straight, white well-to-do parents, and that must mean quality family television. If a play date involving a family with two mommies ruined this show or Disney’s “ideal” of proper christian family entertainment, you need to step outside of your church gossip circle and spend some time talking to God.

Rock on, two mommies. Rock on!


If you want solid true blue family entertainment, shut off the t.v. and take your kids to the park.