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Authors are the most anti-social, dry, and sarcastic beings in the world. They hide away and avoid the sunlight while creating worlds and killing anyone that may have crossed them in the past in cruel and unusual ways. Okay… not all of that is true.


  I was tagged in a blog post by a fellow author, Shelly Picarella. The challenge is to answer the following questions and then tag other authors. Because we can be quite the ornery sort, this is a vehicle to pull authors away from their imaginations and get them to tell the world about what is going on in their heads.


Kat, what are you working on right now? Right now… what am I working on??? Yes. Okay. I am working on a few things. First- I am working on a stand alone novella about the life of Shu, the steampunk revolutionary tattoo artist from Steamfate/Imbroglio. It is mainly her childhood and a steampunk underground railroad of a world wide secret society. Second- I am working on a possible series about the life of a single M.E. after an affair with a narcissistic, yet adorable emotionally constipated prosecutor. (This is where you are free to….scoff.) Third- That is a surprise for now….

How do your stories differ from others in its genre? Steamfate and Imbroglio- There is a lead female, Zona. She is the head of the steam revolution. She is beautiful, damaged, strong, snarky and then there is Adam… Adam is smart, artistic, royal law, and timid. By accident, fate, or higher planning, these two meet and the click is instant. And yes, it is physical, but not the bulging muscle or heaving breasts, physical… that click is never possibly described by the flesh, the mind, or the heart. It just is. They are the worst and best thing that ever happened to one another. There is no love triangle for Zona to choose between Adam and someone else as she saves the world. She can save the world. The hard part is pulling the hero out of Adam. That is what could kill her. As for my other stories, publishing and coming…  I like real people. I don’t like the supermodel male sorts and I won’t write them, not seriously. I like strong women, but I like them real. Any woman can do anything, but how does that phrase go?? A real man won’t let her.

Why do you write what you do? The start of writing what I write was a joint effort with a writing partner. We wrote a short for an anthology that is now published as a solo short, I wrote another short alone as he wrote one alone for another anthology which were also published together…and then we started writing Steamfate. Oh, that was fun. As for why I write what I write, because it sets my soul on fire. It awakens every nerve inside my flesh and makes me feel like I can save the world… or the man… whichever needs me most at the moment. I write from the heart, from experience. I write the darkness of the raven. I write the fire of phoenix. I write the pain of the lone lovebird. They say, write what you know…

How does the writing process work? This is the funny part. In the past, it actually seems that all my works were started with my on again/ off again muse/lover/best friend, whatever you want to call him, and when he vanishes again, I get the full rights to finish. Some things were near done, some things are still in my inbox closer to the start of fruition. As talented, gorgeous, smart, and funny as he may be, my dear suffers from a near-tragic case of emotional constipation and it leaves our plans and promises, basically, full of shit. I have some grand ideas that we pondered into existence together on the back burner, not waiting on him, per se, but waiting on me to do my own thing. So as for my personal writing process, on the non-erotic side, all I need is a glass of wine, a great pen, and some paper. Once the idea is there, it has a way of flowing faster than my fingers can translate.

Now, the fun part. TAG!

Here are three authors I think you MUST know and I want to know the behind the scenes of their books. Click, like, follow, and buy books from these authors and soon, I hope to see a similar blog post from each of them.


  Terri Reid is one of my literary idols. If you haven’t read her books, odds are well that you know the name. She is a wordsmith to the highest degree and has a way of wrapping your imagination into a scene you literally have to snap back to reality. She is what every reader wants and what every writer aims to be. Check her out on facebook or her Amazon page.


Chrissy Moon is one of my favorite new authors on the scene. She has an indescribable edge to her and it shows in her books. Her debut, Surreal Ecstasy blew me away. Her second novel was just as wonderful and I was lucky enough to be published with her on the short story collection, LINGER from 7DS Books. Check her out on facebook or her Amazon page.


John J. Higgins is a puzzle to me. He will laugh while reading this. He is talkative, yet mysterious. He is bold yet a haze when he wants to be. He is just like his writing. You think you know, but ah, alas, you do not. Check him out on facebook or on his Amazon page.